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This post was a tricky one for me. Do I love this palette? I dunno. But I don’t hate it! Does that even makes sense? This is what happens when your up all night with a baby projectile vomiting everywhere. What’s sleep? Should I arrange an exorcism? I don’t know, I’m tired as fuck! But Hayley does not disappoint! I created a look using this adorable little palette for you all so keep reading if you want to read my thoughts and I promise I wont mention projectile vomiting again… Starting from now…


Does anyone elses family do Kris Kringle? I think that’s how its spelt or also known as ‘Secret Santa’? Well for anyone that doesn’t know, everyone puts there name in a hat and who evers name you get, you have to buy them a present and not let them know you have them. I got my sister in law and I got her,Velvet teddy mac lipstick. Aren’t I the best! BUT her boyfriend had me and I 100% know she helped him out with the present because he got me the ‘Too Faced Chocolate Chip Palette’! Hahaha does he know what Mecca is? Regardless. Thank you steven!


This palette is super cute! Its of course chocolate scented and while putting this on, my daughter legit came over and asked me if I was eating chocolate and if she could have some. Which isn’t an unusual question because I will quite frequently hide and eat chocolate but that just helps describe how good it smells!


They picked 11 shades out of the original ‘Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette’ and turned them into mattes to create this little guy! I love the colours in this and I love how it has more then one transition shade. I wasn’t quite sure about the cool toned shades in this as they are foreign to me but they are so pretty and can definitely see myself playing with them when I grow some balls!

Swatches left to right, White Chocolate, Matte Gilded Ganache, Triple Fudge, Matte Marzipan, Semi-Sweet, Strawberry Bon Bon, Matte Candid Violet, Matte Hazelnut, Matte Crème Brulee, Matte Cherry Cordial, Matte Champagne Truffle.

They swatched so well and the pigment was definitely there! I was a bit disappointed in the shade, ‘Matte Gilded Ganache’ and ‘Triple Fudge’ as they weren’t as Khaki as they looked in the pan. For some reason while swatching these I liked my finger, maybe because I was hungry and sleep deprived but I shit you not they taste like chocolate!!! You could eat these but I wouldn’t suggest doing it hahaha!

I did a eyeshadow look so you can see how it is on the eyes!

Eyeshadow look using the ‘TOO FACED CHOCOLATE CHIP PALETTE’

I used the shade, ‘Matte Crème Brulee’ in the crease and blended the colour up just above the brow bone. I then dipped into the shade, ‘Matte Cherry Cordial’ and packed that into my inner and outer corner. I blended that in and dragged it up into my crease leaving the centre of my lid. I then packed the shade, ‘Strawberry Bon Bon’ onto my lid for a matte halo eye look! I then used the shade, ‘Semi-Sweet’ on my lower lash line!


The shades I used were a lot cooler toned then I anticipated and they were a bit tricky to blend out then I thought they would be! I had trouble getting the colours seem less just on the outer part where I blended them. I’m not sure if its because they were a bit chalkier of an eyeshadow then I’ve used in the past!


Overall I had a lot of fun creating this look! I love first impressions reviews! It may not have worked out this time round but I’m definitely going to give it another go in the future! Do you guys like seeing these sort of posts? If so leave me a comment down below with what you’d like to see me do next or something different! Thank you for reading! Don’t forget to follow me on my socials! Instagram @Beautifulgossip and Snapchat @hayleylucycally

-Hayley xoxoxox

Where to purchase this Palette: Mecca Cosmetica

Other Products used:

Primer: Too Faced Hang Over Cream

Foundation: Fenty Beauty

Powder: Kat Von D Lock It Translucent Powder

Concealer: Too Faced Born This Way Concealer

Contour: Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette

Highlighter: Jeffree Star 24 Karat Pro Highlighter Palette

Brows: La Girl Brow Pomade

Setting Spray: Too Faced Hang Over Spray

Mascara: Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

Lips: Nyx Liquid Shade Cream in Tea and Cookies

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Happy Thursday dolls! How has everyone’s day been? I’m actually so exhausted. School holidays are kicking my ass. My kids are well behaved but then go from 1 to 100 and it lasts all fucking day! I spend all day cleaning then by tea time its fucked again! I also could be tired because I’ve been sitting up all night watching Ultimate Beast Master on Netflix! Its so good! Its like Ninja Warrior but way more dramatic and hilarious!


I’m actually so excited about uploading this post and when this idea popped into my mind I was like ‘YESSS IM A FUCKING GENIUS!!!’. I mean, this has no doubt been done before but I’m actually so happy with how it turned out!!!

So, today I bring you, BYS BERRIES VS ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS MODERN RENAISSANCE PALETTE! I will do one eyeshadow look, my right eye will be ABH Modern Renaissance and my left, BYS Berries! Its always been said that the berries Palette by BYS is the perfect dupe for the ABH Palette but I’ve never really tried a look to confirm this until now! Not to mention the price difference from the two! So keep on reading if you want to see how this turned out!


Left, BYS Berries Palette. Right, ABH Modern Renaissance Palette.

As you can see in the photo above, both palettes have very similar colours but in different order and lay outs. I’ve clearly had my BYS Palette longer too! But how similar are they!!!

BYS Berries is left and Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance is right. Personally the ABH is slightly more pigmented and the shimmer shades are brighter but its pretty close! Id also like to mention that I feel like Berries Palette has more of a purple reflect to the shades then the ABH.

So when creating this look I used, ABH on the left and Berries on the right and I used the closest shades for each step and I’ll go through with you what I used and swatch comparison of each colour.

For my transition colour I used in the ABH, ‘Raw Sienna’ and BYS I used ‘Toffee’. Now as you can see in the photo below, the ABH shade is much more pigmented so I had to build up the colour on the BYS side but we got there!

Left, ABH shade Raw Sienna. Right, BYS shade Toffee.

I then went in with the shade ‘Cyprus Umber’ from the ABH and ‘Shaded’ from the BYS. I used these shades in my inner and outer corner for some depth to create a halo eye! Once again I had to build up the BYS shade slightly to match the ABH side but these colours are buildable I found!

Left, ABH shade ‘Cyprus Umber’. Right BYS shade ‘Shaded’.

For the centre of my lid on the ABH side I used ‘Primavera’ and BYS side I used ‘Glow’. The shades together there isn’t much difference but I did find the BYS shade was much more buttery! I had no trouble applying these to each lid and didn’t need fix plus for added intensity! I also used these shades for my inner corner highlight!

Left, ABH shade ‘Primavera’. Right BYS shade ‘Glow’.

For the lower lash line I went in with the same transition colours as above, on the ABH side ‘Raw Sienna’ and BYS, ‘Toffee’. Then over top of that and closer to the lash line I went in with ‘Red Ochre’ on the ABH side and ‘Royalty’ on the BYS side! Slight more pigmentation on the ABH shade as you can see below!

Left, ABH shade ‘Red Ochre’. Right, BYS shade ‘Royalty’.

So this is the final look! ABH right and BYS left! I cant tell a difference at all! Can you guys?? The BYS Berries palette is a ABH Dupe! Lets be real! Besides having to pack more colour on the BYS side it worked and I even asked my partner if there was any difference in the two and he couldn’t see it! MIND BLOWN!

So I hope you all enjoyed my little experiment! I had so much fun creating this look for you guys and I’m super stoked with how it turned out! Also a little side note! IVE ALMOST REACH 100 FOLLOWERS!!!!!! I can not believe it! So make sure you hit that follow button and like my social accounts for updates as there may be a lil giveaway announcement for y’all once I reach 100, stay tuned! I love you all! xoxo

– Hayley xoxox

Where to purchase these palettes:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance-  Sephora

Bys Berries Palette- BYS Cosmetics

INSTAGRAM- @beautifulgossip

SNAPCHAT- @hayleylucycally

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Happy Monday dolls! How was everyone’s weekend? Not that its a big deal to you all but I went out Saturday night and drank alcohol! This is very rare for me! Its literally been almost a year and its not like I don’t like to drink and go out to the pub, its just that I’m not mentally prepared to look after children with a hang over! Its anyone’s worst nightmare. But lucky for me I woke up fresh as a daisy, the only thing that wasn’t was my snapchat story. I also tried to plug my glass of water into my phone charger too but I wasn’t electrocuted hahaha!


So today I wanted to share with you my ‘JEFFREE STAR LIQUID LIPSTICK COLLECTION’! I haven’t came across a liquid lipstick I love more then these! They’re also vegan, gluten free and paraben free and can be used on the eyes and water line which is amazing! You can really get creative with these! Ill include swatches of each and also a picture of how they look on!



First I give you the shade ‘Androgyny‘. This colour is a beautiful dark mauve with a plum undertone. I feature this one first as it was the first one I ever got! I love wearing this with a dark smoky eye.


The shade ‘Mannequin‘ is one of my all time favourite nudes! I wear this almost every time I put makeup on and it has never failed me. What I love about these liquid lipsticks are they last fucking ages! I wore this Christmas Day, drank, ate, ate a little more and when I got home it still looked fine after 8 hours of wear!


Calabasas‘, named after the place Jeffree lives, is a beauty. Its a stunning light pinky mauve. This was a part of his summer 2017 Chrome Collection that is still available on ‘Princess Polly’.


‘Masochist’ is a deep cool toned pink shade! I’m obsessed with this colour!

I was literally in so much pain doing all these lip swatches in one go I thought they were about to fall off! Hahaha!



‘Christmas Cookie’ is the noob of my collection. Its part of his 2017 holiday collection and I purchased this along with the ’24 Karat Highlighter Pro Palette’. Its a light nude shade with a light pink undertone!


‘Daddy’ being one of two of the collab Manny MUA and Jeffree Star did last year, is a beautiful cool toned dark nude! This colour goes with everything, specially a dramatic eye!


The second liquid lipstick in the Manny collab is ‘Im Shook’ and its so stunning! Its a burnt coral shade and as all of the colours, it dries down completely matte. So pretty!



So that was my JEFFREE STAR LIQUID LIPSTICK COLLECTION! I hope you didn’t hate it as much as my lips did! I purchase my Jeffree Star products from Princess Polly as its an Aus company and I don’t like purchasing from overseas because I’m so god damn impatient! Thank you all for reading once again! Don’t forget to follow my socials and give my blog a follow as well!

-Hayley xoxo



My dads a painter by trade so when he talks about his job and what it entails I rarely listen. I’m shocking with selective hearing! But what I do remember him saying is before painting a wall you need to prep it first, sand it down for a smooth finish, base coat and paint. And I think its quite similar to makeup, or I just put the two together to make the conversation more appealing to me! You cant just slap a coat of paint on a house and expect it to last and that’s the same with applying foundation and makeup. You have to know the steps to long lasting makeup and a flawless finish!


So in this post I want to educate you with HOW I ACE MY BASE! Ill include photos of products I use and how I apply them! Enjoy!


Before putting any products on my face I ALWAYS wash it first. I think there’s no point applying anything to a dirty face as all the dirt and oil will be trapped under the product and cause breakouts! So being the typical mum that I am (and all the mums reading this be real, we all do this)  ill use a good old trusty baby wipe to wipe away anything left on my skin or ill lash out and get some of the Cetaphil wipes which are amazing for cleansing the skin! I tend to stay clear of wipes that contain perfumes or alcohol as they can dry out my skin and turn it into a big old shit fest of pimples and dry areas! Not to mention alcohol in skin care products are super bad for you! So once your satisfied with how clean your mug is its onto the next step!


Priming or moisturizing before applying foundation is super important! It creates a perfect base for your foundation and it protects your skin from your make up! That’s why I love using my TOO FACED HANG OVER REPLENISHING PRIMER. This cream contains coconut water, probiotic-based ingredients and skin revivers and NO silicon which I love because youre putting it on bare skin! It feels so cooling and hydrating on the skin and dries down slightly tacky which helps the foundation stick!



Now if you’re me and love having a super smooth face with no visible pores you’ll love the MAYBELLINE BABY SKIN INSTANT PORE ERASER. Ive spoken about this before but I’m obsessed. The only thing is with pore filler products is that they contain silicon and clog your pores which is how you get that smooth finish. So my suggestion is to always use this AFTER priming so it isn’t clogging your pores and causing break outs and irritation. You only need to use the smallest about and only on the areas needed. I like to apply this on my nose, cheeks, chin and between my brows. But just anywhere you feel you have visible pores!



My favourite part! Foundation! Everyone applies foundation differently whether it be with a brush, a sponge or your hands (don’t do that though). But the way I have found works best for me is applying the foundation with a brush and then blending it out with my REAL TECHNIQUES SPONGE. Dotting the foundation all over the face and then just dabbing the shit out of it until its all evenly covered! Recently Ive been using my ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR MAXIMUM COVER FOUNDATION on my blemish areas and not much but just enough to cover the redness. My face has been a real shit fest since Christmas so I’ve been drinking heaps of water and toning down on my chocolate addiction. New Year, New Me. But once that’s applied I will go over with my LA GIRL PRO COVERAGE FOUNDATION. This foundation has a runny consistency with medium coverage but is buildable. You will notice that its quite shiny and oily looking on the face but don’t stress as it mattifies once powder is applied.



I use two different concealers on my face in my routine at the moment. I use my MAYBELLINE FIT ME CONCEALER in light on any visible blemishes as its the same colour as my foundation and just gives me that added coverage I so desperately need in my life and then I use my TOO FACED BORN THIS WAY CONCEALER in light under my eyes, forehead, chin and nose and use it to highlight those areas. I also just buff it out with my REALTECHNIQUES SPONGE.



There is nothing I love more then using a loose powder to set my face! And of course its with my holy fucking grail product, my KAT VON D LOCK IT TRANSLUCENT SETTING POWDER. First I will bake under my eyes but not too hecticly, just enough to stop my under eye creasing. Ill also do this on my forehead. Ill then dust more over my whole face but just not so heavily until there is no shine and my face no longer feels sticky!



Once I’ve applied contour, blush, highlighter and finished my eyes Ill use my KAT VON D SETTING SPRAY to lock it all in and so my face doesn’t melt off in the Australian summer heat. Quick tip, after I’ve sprayed my face with the setting spray I like to just lightly pat my sponge all over my face to ensure the spray has really soaked into the powder. Not sure if this works but it sounds professional hahaha! I love this setting spray and it smells so fresh and cucumbery.


So there you have it! This is how I prep my skin and apply my base for extra long wear. All the other mums I’m sure can vouch for me when I say we do not have time to reapply or even look in the mirror again until its time to wash it off for that matter. Or even for work or you’re out all day I’m sure this information would be beneficial for you! Try it and let me know how it works in the comments below!


Thank you for reading my blog once again! I’ve had so many of you telling me how much you like it so thank you, I love you all! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @beautifullgossip and snap chat @hayleylucycally.

-Hayley xxx

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Happy New Year’s friends! What did everyone get up too?? I don’t really celebrate it like most. With two kids I tend to just stay home. Like last year I was watching the fire works on tv while my fiancé danced to Madonnas ‘Like a Virgin’ as he drank alone! It was pretty tragic but I’m literally a fun sponge. I don’t drink and when I do I have like two and lose interest. I’m an actual Nana but I’m just as dumb sober let alone drunk so I still fit in! I also think I may have over done it when I was younger as most alcohols smell like that one time I almost died. Remember the drink ‘Pulse’ which is now called ‘rhythm’ or something. Suppressed memories….

But today I bring you the ‘JEFFREE STAR HOLIDAY COLLECTION FIRST IMPRESSION’. Now I didn’t buy the whole holiday collection. I don’t see the point in buying things you know you will never use. Unless it’s free then hand me that blue fucking lipstick and lets go!

The Jeffree Star ’24 Karat Skin Frost Pro Palette’ and the liquid lipstick in ‘Christmas Cookie’

I purchased the ’24 KARAT HIGHTLIGHTER PALETTE’ and the liquid lipstick ‘CHRISTMAS COOKIE’! I was fully stalking every single one of ‘Princess Polly’s’ social media accounts to find out when this was released. I’d love to buy off the ‘Jeffree Star’ site but with overseas shipping and the added price I don’t mind waiting for an Australian release. And Princess Polly have afterpay lel. But today I’ll show you photos, swatches and it applied on my pin head for you all to see!


I actually have a brother in-law called ‘Christopher’ and every time I write ‘Christmas’ it autocorrects to his name and I actually sent a message saying ‘Merry Christopher’ the other day and it was hilarious and I didn’t even correct myself. But back to the subject. I purchased the gorgeous liquid lipstick shade in ‘Christmas Cookie’. First of all. As you can see, the packaging is fucking adorable. The glitter and baby pink are so beautiful. He did such a good job of designing this collection.

The shade is a stunning nude with a slight pinky undertone that I’m all for. I tend to have a lot of trouble finding the right nude shade as some can be a bit too light for my skin tone and wash me out a bit or match my skin so it looks like I literally have no lips which looks like a horror show! But I feel this shade would be perfect for any skin tone! Its so versatile! I love the applicator for Jeffree’s Liquid Lipsticks too as the little doe foot tip is perfect for applying product to the lips!


Now before purchasing this I knew very well that all of these shades would not suit my skin tone as highlighters but it was too stunning not to buy and I will be able to use them all as eye shadows as well! The package is so beautiful! I love the gold and how he still used pink for the writing on the front!

Jeffree Stars 24 Karat Skin Frost Pro Palette

This highlighter palette is stunning! I love how different each shade is and can be used in so many different ways!

Shades left to right, Sarcophagus, King Tut, Dark Horse, Legendary, Giza, Liberance
Swatches with flash on

Each colour is so creamy in consistency and what I love about the formula of these highlighters are that they don’t have chunks of glitter through it and go on the face so smoothly!

In the picture above on my cheek bones I used ‘Sarcophagus’ which I am in love with! Its my new favourite highlighter!! Its not chunky at all and so pigmented. You’d definitely be able to build this up for an even more intense highlight. I’m not one to douse my bod in shimmer but if you are the Jeffree Star Hightlighter Palettes would be perfect for you! I will say the Platinum Skin Frost palette would be a lot more beneficial for you if you were just wanting it for highlighting if you had my skin tone.

So this concludes my first impression! I hope you enjoyed it and I’ve once again made you spend money on makeup so you’re broke like me! Haha! Who wants to see an eye look with the 24 Karat Palette?? Comment below if its something you’d like to see!

I’m so sad this year is almost over. My daughter starts school and my fiancé goes back to work. There is nothing I love more then having my family together, spending time with friends and laying in bed at night listening to my fiancé yell when he dies on Call of Duty. It’s the little things… but big and better things to come in 2018 and I’m excited to continue to write this blog for you all! Please don’t forget to hit that follow button and follow me on Instagram for updates! Love you all so much and I hope you all have a safe and happy new year!

-Hayley xxxx


Best of 2017

Merry Christmas my loves!!! Sorry I’ve been a little M.I.A, I have been so busy the past week with family and being all festive but I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Like me I’m assuming you ate a lot and drank too much which is back firing now as I sip my 5th coffee of  the day and I’m still cleaning up wrapping paper… No shit my house was covered! But my girls were absolutely spoilt rotten and had the best day so that’s what matters!

So today I want to talk to you about what my favourite products were of 2017!! It was actually so hard to pick a few as I’ve fallen in love with so many products this year and I wanted to write a blog and not a fucking novel! So if you want to read about all the things that contributed to me living my best life then keep on reading!

First I give you the ‘JEFFREE STAR X MANNY MUA BUNDLE’! When I heard about this being released I was soooo excited and my sister in-law and I were going on about it and then the cutie set an alarm because I think it was released at like 3am Aus. time and she ordered it for me! The day she surprised me with it I could have cried! It came with two liquid lipsticks and a highlighter.

The shade ‘Daddy’ which is in the picture down below is a deep cool toned nude that looks so beautiful. This is one of my favourite nudes I own and it goes so well with a bright dramatic eye!

‘Daddy’ left, ‘I’m Shook’ right

The shade ‘I’m Shook’ is one of my favourite matte reds! Its not a heaps bright red shade it does seem to have a cherry tone to it but beautiful none the less. I love wearing this with a neutral eye or even a smoky eye! Both liquid lipsticks on me, don’t dry down too heavy or go crunchy either. Or like my sister in-law says ‘they make your mouth feel like an ass hole after too long of wear’ hahahaha!!! These can be purchased separately as well so if you only like one thing out of the bundle don’t fret! I love the formula of his products and have actually ordered some more of his new holiday collection which I cant wait to share with you.

‘I’m Shook’ left, ‘Daddy’ right

The Highlighter called ‘Eclipse‘ is everything!! It has a peachy, pinky undertone but its a cool tone highlighter. That makes no fucking sense I know but on my skin tone its amazing. Its quite suttle too but you can build it up for a more intense glow, depending on how extra I want to be!


Next is my ‘FENTY BEAUTY PRO FILTER FOUNDATION’ in shade 200. I was literally peeling potatoes when my alarm went off on my phone telling me it was available on Sephora and I jumped on my phone and was quickly trying to work out my shade using the Shade Finder which is actually spot on! I matched it with my ‘Maybelline Fit Me Foundation’ in shade 120 and the shade 200 in ‘Fenty’ is perfect so I highly recommend you trying the shade match system on Sephora to find your match if you cant get to a store! But I got it and was sooo happy with it! It has a runny consistency with medium coverage but is buildable if need be! It does dry down fast but not fast enough that you have to smash your fast with your beauty blender 100 miles a minute to get it blended in time but I found that since it dries so fast when applying concealer it does go slightly patchy so I found I just needed to blend my concealer out in sections and not let it sit for too long! Other then that its my favourite high end foundation!


Now I’m not 100% sure if this was released in 2017 or earlier and I’m honestly too lazy to look it up because what the fuck does it matter but the ‘KAT VON D LOCK IT SETTING POWDER’ in translucent is the shit! It doesn’t go cakey, it doesn’t crack or cause creasing.  It doesn’t cause flash back in photos and doesn’t wash me out either! I love baking under my eyes with it and blending the rest of the powder out. I love snorting it! Not really but you get my point! Approved. Love it. Buy it. Live your best lives!


This next product I was super scared to try! The ‘MAYBELLINE BABY SKIN INSTANT PORE ERASER’. I seriously thought this was going to clog my pores and ruin my life but I was pleasantly surprised! It smoothes out the skin leaving your foundation looking flawless! I will say still prime before applying this just in case it does cause break outs! This product is a great cheaper alternative to the Benefit Porefessional. I found no difference in the two! This is a staple in my makeup routine so get on it!


This product is a skin care product and my friend actually got me onto this (shout out to Laurice White hair and beauty, follow her on Instagram and Facebook because she’s amazing!!!) T.N. DICKINSONS ALL NATURAL WITCH HAZEL. I purchase this from my local Woolworths and its literally like $7! I use this product after I take my make up off! It cleanses and tones the skin and also gets rid of any make up you’ve missed! This is my holy grail night time product and it has done wonders for my skin! Its cleared it up so much and helped my scarring! No matter how drunk I am before I go to bed I will still make the effort to take my make up off to use this!

I was going to retake this photo but found it too funny how my stupid fucking reflection was in the Christmas decoration! HAHAHAHA! You are welcome!

For a drug store concealer this is by far the best you’ll find in my eyes! The ‘MAYBELLINE FIT ME CONCEALER’ has perfect coverage and a creamy consistency easy for blending! I go through this quite fast though which sucks and there isn’t much of a shade range but the shade light is fine with my complexion.


My favourite contouring palettes for the year are, shocker, ‘THE TOO FACED COCOA CONTOUR PALETTE’ and THE REVLON SCULPT AND HIGHLIGHT CONTOUR KIT in collaboration with Chloe Morello. Both have beautiful shades, blend out effortlessly and don’t look like poop on your cheeks which is always nice!



Now these palettes are so dear to my heart do I really have to write about how amazing they are again! THE ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS MODERN RENAISSANCE, THE JEFFREE STAR ANDROGYNY and THE JACLYN HILL X MORPHE PALETTE are my all time favourite eye shadows palettes I’ve purchased this year and Ill definitely cry if any of these run out in the near future! Pigmentation, colour and quality is so high I can not wait to see what else these brands have in store in 2018!


So this wraps up my favourites of 2017! If you’re still in a food coma or in the fetal position after too many boxing day bevvies go check out my previous posts and don’t forget to click that follow button and give my Instagram page a like @beautifulgossip. Love you all!

-Hayley xx

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15 Minute Make Up Look and Serial Killers!

Did you sleep in? Do you have minimal time to get ready for work or an appointment? Or has your child gone down for a nap and your rushing to put a face on so you can feel like a human today? Or is that just me everyday… Either way today I have decided to show you just what I do when I’m literally fighting with time.

So when I say 15 minutes, I mean 15!! Not that I timed myself at all but i will generally listen to a Podcast when I do my make up, not to drown out my eldest daughter asking me 100 questions about what I’m doing (sort of am) but I just love it! True Crime podcasts are what I do in my spare time. Particularly ‘And That’s Why We Drink’. I never miss an episode. Just a small run down, its about two chicks, one who drinks wine and one who doesn’t mind a milk shake!! Em who tells a paranormal story and then Christine tells a story of a true crime event. As dark as the subjects are they are so fucking hilarious and I can not stop listening.. I’ve linked there site to there name up above, you’ve gotta check them out!

But back to the subject, I knew it had only taken me 15 minutes because I had only got 15 minutes into my podcast before my daughter had woken up! This is a regular occurrence so I’ve learnt to keep it minimal unless I want a pumpkin baby on my lap while I do my make up!

I get it though, you want to wear make up, you don’t have time or you cant be bothered! So I have created a look for you that took minimal time, minimal products and is super easy to do! Let me know what you think!


So this is my idea of a quick and easy make up look! I know a few people (Shan) who needed a few hints and tips to create something simple for an everyday looks so I’ll take you through a step by step of products and how I applied them down below!

I started off with my ‘Too faced Hang Over Spray Primer’. Few little sprits over the face and that’s it! I then dotted the ‘Loreal Infalliable Total Cover Foundation’  in the shade light sand all over my face. Quick disclaimer, this is not my favourite drug store foundation. I had ran out of my old faithful ‘Maybelline Fit Me’. I don’t mind it as long as I’m not wearing it for too long as it doesn’t last on my face as long and goes patchy after a few hours!


‘Too Faced hang Over Spray Primer top left, Loreal Infallible Total Cover top right, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer bottom


For concealer I didn’t go too crazy. I used the ‘Maybelline Fit Me concealer’ in the shade light. Few dots under my eyes, on my chin and forehead and blended it out. And as always my ‘Kat Von D Translucent Powder’ I purchased from Sephora!


Kat Von D Translucent Setting Powder


I didn’t go all out with contour and bronzer! I just mixed the two cocoa shades together in the ‘Too faced Cocoa Contour Palette’ on my cheeks and just slightly on my forehead.



Shades used, Medium Cocoa and Dark Coco

For brows which for me is the longest part of them all, I use my ‘LA Girl brow pomade’ in the shade dark brown to out line my shape and then go in with a spooly to blend out all the product to end up with an ombre look! This is what id do with any look! 

Now for the eyes, so simple! I used my ‘Morphe 12NB palette’ which as you can see in the picture is a beautiful palette full of neutral shades that I love using on a day to day basis. I coated my lid with the matte brown shade 3rd on the bottom row and blended that in my crease and up to my brow bone, then using the 4th shade on the bottom row which is a beautiful red brown shade, I blended that colour through my crease for some definition. I then packed the beautiful subtle gold shade which is 3rd on the top row all over my lid and stopped just below my crease. The 2nd shade on the top row was used for my inner corner just to brighten up my eyes. I then used my ‘Essence Beauty Lash Princess Mascara’


For highlighter I used my ‘Jeffree Star Highlighter’ in Eclipse on my cheek bones.

Jeffree Star Hightlighter in shade Eclipse


For lips I used the ‘NYX Butter Lips’ in the shade ‘Boardwalk Promenade’ which is one of my favourite nude lip sticks by NYX and this little guy comes everywhere with me because its so versatile!


Then to finish it off I sprayed my ‘Toofaced hangover Primer and Setting Spray’ to lock everything in!


So here is the final look kids! 15 minutes! I shit you not! I may still be wearing my pajamas shirt and no bra but my face is public ready without much effort at all! What do you guys think? Give it a go! Press that snooze button a few extra times and let me know how you go in the comments! I will remind you, I do have two kids and after 5 years I can make my swamp monster head into something more bearable! Make Up is all about practice girls and aren’t we all beautiful on the inside anyway? Or after our first morning coffee I mean?

Thank you all again for tuning into my blog! I’m loving all your feed back! Don’t forget to click that follow button! Love you all!

-Hayley xxx


Jaclyn Hill Palette

Now I know I had this in my first post I did showing you my Eye Shadow Palettes but this slice of fried gold has so many beautiful shades and finishes I felt like it needed its own post just so I can show you just how amazing it really is and if there’s any guys or girls out there looking for the perfect Christmas present, this would be the best choice for the makeup lover in your life! And if you’re anything like me and haven’t started shopping yet then you’re welcome! Has anyone been to the shops since the silly seasons started?? Its nuts! People everywhere ramming there trollies to get through! I went in today to go pick up my daughters Santa photo which are absolutely adorable!! Although I feel like all the Santa’s for those photos always do that creepy as fuck blank stare in every photo. Maybe its like a must, in the interview when they apply for a job, “can you do a vague creepy blank stare into the camera, yes? YOURE HIRED”. Hahahaha!


I explained in my post how wild the shipping was for Morphe, ordering the palette plus shipping was insane. Especially since you’re ordering from America which freaks me out not knowing if my palette will arrive in one piece but luckily for me it did! Shipping didn’t take too long either, it was under 2 weeks which was great considering the overseas factor and I had to take into considering the popularity of the palette and the delay they would of had with excess orders so kudos to you Morphe, ya did good!

Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette


This palette has a range of colours and finishes perfect for creating literally hundreds of looks. There are satins, mattes and shimmers. It gives you the potential to create neutral looks and full glam looks for any occasion!


The mattes are buttery and blend seamlessly. I felt I didn’t need to over work the colours at all while blending and there were a nice range of shades to use as a base which I love! The first 2 rows of this palette I use everyday, partically the shade ‘M.F.E.O’ and ‘Pooter’. I will generally coat my lids with these shades blending them out just above my crease and add mascara and I’m good to go!

Shades Left to Right, Enlight, Beam, Silk Crème, M.F.E.O, Faint, Sissy, Little Lady, Creamscicle, Butter, Pooter, Pukey, Hunts, Fire Work, Queen

The Shimmers are stunning! I use them with my finger or just a packing brush or for a bit more intensity I will use a damp brush and they come out stunning! My favourite shimmer shades would be ‘Sissy’, ‘Obsessed’, ‘Beam’ and ‘Queen’. I use ‘Beam’ a lot in my inner corner and I’m obsessed with putting ‘Obsessed’ all over my lid (see what I did there).

Shades Left to Right, Obsessed, S.B.N, Hillster, Roxanne, Jacz, Buns, Cranapple, Royalty, Twerk, Hustle, Meeks, 24/7, Chip, Mocha
Shades Left to Right, Abyss, Soda Pop, Central Park, Enchanted, Diva, Jada, Pool Party

What’s not to like about this palette honestly! I have nothing bad to say about it! Besides how my bank account looked after buying it but its definitely worth it!

Ive created a look using this Palette for you all to see! I did a warm toned glam look and completely stepped out of my comfort zone! I hope you all like it and let me know what you think in the comments below!

I started off by using the shade ‘Silk Crème’ as a base colour. I then started darkening up my crease with the shade ‘Pooter’ and blending it up towards my brow bone. I then dipped into ‘Roxanne’ to deepen the colour and add a rich warm maroon to it! I then went in with ‘Hunts’ and put then on my outer corner  and i blended it out for a bit of depth. Now before adding my shimmer, I grabbed my ‘Too Faced Born this way concealer and put a tiny dot on the inner part of my lid and blended it out to just when my crease begins and then went over top of the concealer with the colour ‘Sissy’. It was quite bright enough for me so I went in with ‘Obsessed’ with my finger and just lightly dabbed my finger over ‘Obsessed’. For my under eye, I used ‘Roxanne and Hunts’ just under my lash line and blended it out with a tiny bit of ‘Pooter’ on my brush. I added ‘Beam’ to my inner corner to finish it off! What do y’all think!?! I was super happy with it!


So this concludes my review on The Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette, well it was pretty much me just telling you to buy it already because its that amazing!!!! I highly recommend this to anyone as its so versatile and can be used in so many different ways!


Thank you everyone who has taken the time to read my posts! If anyone has anything they want me to try or review let me know in the comment section down below! And don’t forget to hit that follow button! By following all you need to do is put in your email address and you’ll be sent a notification every time I have a new post!  Love you all!

-Hayley xxx


BYS or BS?

Hey friends! Hope you’re having a lovely night so far! I’m talking from the past right now and I’m sitting on the couch eating chocolate alone on a Saturday night, it’s wild! My fiance’s away so it was just me and the girls today and I dont know what it is with them but no shit they go nuts! Telling Lucy she needed to get in the bath and she claps back with, “Mum I dont need one tonight and don’t forget, I’m always right!” hahaha yeah sure thing ya little… but she had a bath and I let her play for halfy but when I went to tell her it was bedtime she was sitting on the floor colouring in so cutely, I asked her what she was drawing and she said, “I’m drawing what the inside of your body looks like, see, the red is your blood!”…. but getting on with life and pretending my child isn’t one of the kids off Village Of The Damned, lets get into it!



So, BYS or BS? That is the question. I purchased 3 palettes from my local K-mart for $12 each! Definietly not upset about it. I’ll be swatching and doing an eye look on each palette so you can get a good understanding on my thoughts on these! Ok, first of all, the packing! It’s cute! A bit plasticy and light which is fine. It feels like it would be great for travelling! The mirror looks like I’m looking in the mirror at the fucking fun house show ride but none of that really matters to me, I just want the shadows to work!


BYS Peach Eyeshadow Palette Review


BYS Peach Eye Shadow Palette



Swatches Left to Right, Dainty, Dazzling, Slay, Pamper, Lavish, Cheeky, Peachy, Dashing, Devoted, Enticing, Brazen, Flashy

They ‘BYS Peach Palette’ actually swatched so well! The metallics are creamy and have incredible pigmentation. The mattes are beautiful and arent too chalky either. I will say though the lighest shade in the palette  didnt quite show up on my skin but might just be because my skins the same colour haha! Who Knowssss…

So I did a lil eye look for you all! I thought I’d use the pinky shades in this! I used the shade ‘Devoted’ for my base colour, then I used ‘Pamper’ in my crease and blended that out all over my lid. I then packed on the shade ‘Lavish’ with my finger as it was much easier than a brush and show a lot more shine. I finished it off with ‘Dainty’ under my brow! I hope you guys like it!



BYS Nude 3 Palette

The colour pay off on the ‘BYS Nude 3’ is just as nice! I’m loving the matte shades in this. Perfect to use as a transition and base for any eye look. The metallic are so nice and creamy and I can definetly see myself using them in a neutral everyday look. I’m not one to use cool tones, I’m more of a warm toned kind of gal when doing my eyeshadow but the shades Charcoal and Smoke are so stunning and unique to my collection and I can’t wait to play around with them!


BYS Nude 3 Eye Shadow Palette



Swatches Left to Right, Cocoa, Bronze, Honey, Golden, Smoke, Charcoal, Soot, Chocolate, Espresso, Taupe, Caramel, Cream

In this eye look using the ‘Nude 3’ I thought I’d do a smoky eye, using shade ‘Caramel’ as my base shade then going in with ‘Chocolate’ in the crease. I then went in with the shade ‘Soot’ to darken up the crease and lid making sure it all blended seamlessly. I then covered the shade ‘Charcoal’ over my lid. I did find the darker shades in this Palette were a little harder to blend but it just took a little longer. I feel it worked and I was still happy with the end result. Feel free to add you’re comments down below!


BYS Berries Palette

So I had heard that this was the perfect dupe for the ‘Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Rennaisance Palette’ so I also swatched that to compare! Not bad right???!!! If you’re on a budget why wouldn’t you purchase the ‘BYS Berries!’ They aren’t exactly the same, you can see the Modern Rennaisance pigmentation is slightly brighter and the glitters are a bit more glittery but they are pretty damn close!


BYS Berries Eye Shadow Palette


Swatches left to right, Peachy, Radiance, Glow, Toffee, Sundown, Majestic, Royalty, Cherry Bomb, Juliette, Berry Haze, Antique, Shaded


Modern Renaissance Swatches left to right, Realgar, Warm Taupe, Venetian Red, Red Ochre, Primavera, Burnt Orange, Raw Sienna, Cyprus Umber, Love Letter, Antique Bronze, Buon Fresco, Vermeer, Golden Ochre, Tempera

The shades used in the ‘Berries Palette’ to created this look were, ‘Toffee’ for my base colour, I then applied ‘Cherry Bomb’ in my crease blending it in with ‘Toffee’ so there were no harsh lines. I then packed ‘Antique’ on my lid using my finger. I used ‘Radiance’ in my inner corner. 



Overall, I’m shook! The quality is amazing! I’m so happy to say that BYS Cosmetics is far from BS!  We’ve all been in the position where we wanted bangin make up but you’re body selfishly needs food to survive as a priority, fret no more! BYS is the answer! I’ve linked below there website and don’t forget you can also get these beauties from your local K-mart!




  • Hayley xx





Too Faced Products Review

A few weeks ago my mum and step dad rented some boojee place down the beach for a few days. Since my family are so spread apart its the only time we could really meet up and do the Christmas thing! It was so lush! Two story, indoor heated pool, balcony and directly across the road was the beach! My daughters had so much fun! My sister and her friend made lethal cocktails, I layed out in the sun for an hour too long and only my shins got burnt which was fucking weird BUT they also spoilt me with a Mecca bag full of Too Faced heavenly goodness…



Ok so I wasnt all that surprised about getting these considering I wrote them a list of what I wanted but living in a rural area and having family in the city you’d be lying if you said you didn’t do it! Haha!

Too faced Hangover 3-in-1 Spray and face primer cream

Straight off the bat, that cream thoughhhh. Love it! It smells so fruity and tropical but not like over powering and sickly. It feels like a really smooth and light moisturiser and is quite cold which made it feel so nice on my face. Its silicone free too which i love, silicon based products do clog my pores up so if you have the same problem I’d recommend trying this! A little goes a long way too so one pump is all you need. I have been told I have a pin head though so make your own mind up on that hahaha! It does leave your face feeling tacky which for me is ideal and really helps to apply foundation and makes it last longer. After about 6 hours of wear, I didn’t find my face oily and my makeup didn’t seem to have moved. I should of done a before and after shot. Are you guys interested in seeing that? Let me know in the comments section down below ❤




I was very intrigued about the Hangover spray. It claims to be a 3-in-1. A primer spray, a setting spray AND a refreshing spray. I don’t really know what that last one really means but I just took my make up off, toned and then sprayed it on before i went to bed. It did feel refreshing, did I think it did anything? Hmmm no, and when it dried my face went real tight which wasn’t horrible but I’d rather used a moisturiser. Priming my face before applying makeup I actually really enjoyed! My face wasn’t as tacky as I like which I’d get with a cream but it didn’t make my makeup oily, it lasted just as long so i was happy! Now when using it as a setting spray DO NOT do what i did… Press the nozzle down all the way and hard. Otherwise its like someones pissing on your face and you’re left with big drop marks ruining your foundy. Press down hard and all the way really makes it a nice fine mist. Hold it a little further away then usual too becuse alot comes out! What I loved about this as a setting spray is when it dries down you can feel your face tighten and set but its not a heavy feeling. Like back in the day when you use to use hair spray because you didn’t know setting spray existed… or was that just me?

Toofaced Hangover 3-in-1 Spray


The Too faced Hang Over Primer Spray and Primer cream does get the tick of approval from me! I didn’t get any nasty reactions or break outs which is always good but if you do decide to purchase these and your skin doesn’t agree with it don’t keep using it!


Too Faced Born This Way Concealer

The Too Faced Born This Way Concealer which is in the shade light is such a stunning shade on my skin. It perfectly highlighted my under eye and didn’t give me heckaz crows feet and under eye wrinkles so I’m sold!

Too faced Born This Way Concealer

I sometimes find some concealers go really patchy and weird after a few hours of wear but this one didn’t move. It blended out nicely as well and didn’t disrupt my foundation! There are 16 shades available too which is great!


Too faced Born This way concealer in shade Light swatch
Too Faced Born This Way Concealer in shade Light

Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette

I was so excited to try the Cocoa Contour Palette! I’d heard so much good things and they didn’t disappoint. It blends itself, no word of a lie! The palette I have is in medium which is perfect for my complexion!

Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette

It comes with a cool toned contour shade, a bronzer, a matte highlighter and a shimmer highlighter. It also comes with a contour buki brush.

Contour Shades Left to Right, Light Cocoa, Medium Cocoa, Dark Cocoa, Pop of Light

Ok, so before I get into my thoughts on this palette, can we just take a moment to admire the packaging…. its fucking adorable and to top it off, it legit smells like chocolate! I literally want to lick it! When I finish contouring my face I can smell it for ages and then I crave chocolate, blessing but a curse!

Swatches top to bottom, Pop of Light, Medium cocoa, Dark cocoa, Light cocoa

Now there are a few pros and cons on this. I used the palette on my face in the picture below just so you can see how it looks on my skin.

I used Light cocoa under my eyes and forehead to lighten up those areas and it worked really nicely! It didn’t disrupt the concealer under the eye and the colour pay off wasn’t too washed out and white. The shade Dark cocoa is my absolute all time favourite shade for contouring now. It chisels dem cheek bones like nothing I’ve ever used! I used Medium cocoa to bronze up my cheeks and forehead slightly just to darken up those areas. It wasn’t too orange which I was stoked about! Nobody wants that orange head band! I was so happy with how it applied, didn’t turn out muddy what so ever and like i said above, it literally blended itself! The Pop of Light shade which is the highlighter is a bit chalky and was quite light which did disrupt my bronzer. It also had a lot of chunky gold glitter flecks which were distributed onto my cheeks when I used it which I wasn’t a fan of, pretty none the less just not my thing. I really really tried to like the brush but I’m just being real and I didn’t. It was kind of stiff and when i pressed it into the colour pan it really dug into it which caused a lot of fall out. When using it on my face it did not blend evenly. I looked like that Lindsay Lohan court photo, has anyone seen that? Never mind, i made it work…




Overall this is my all time favourite contour palette, seriously, just buy it. This isn’t sponsored, just trying to look after my gals! Price point is reasonable too, I’ll be ringing mumbre (mum) as soon as this runs out to get me another.


Thank you again my loves for following me on this blogging journey! I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am doing it! Stay tuned for plenty more to come, I have so many awesome things coming up in the future! Don’t forget to follow me on instagram @beautifulgossip or my snapchat @hayleylucycally. ❤

Ps, I couldn’t help but leave you with this, see what I mean now? That was me after using that brush, it cant be unseen….


-Hayley xxx