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My first post on my blog and I’m so excited! I’m thinking I’ll post at least once a week for you all! I’m starting off with a big post, My Eye Shadow Palette Hoard. My god I’ve accumulated some stuff over the years but I 100% blame all the amazing beauty brands that have been releasing such amazing products and Afterpay! Haha! So I’ll post photos of products and if you have a serious problem like me and want to purchase any of these items the websites will be tagged also. Anyways, lets hit it to it!

My Eye Shadow Collection

(well some of it anyway)

Jeffree Star Palettes

My Jeffree Star Palettes, I got my greasy mitts on these bad boys and oh. my. god. no words. All his products are vegan and cruelty free which is just the cherry on top!

Jeffree Star Palettes

The Beauty Killer Palette is so beautiful! I don’t reach for it like some of my other palettes but if you’re a collector and love Jeffree Star ya gotta!! Real talk though, there are some negatives! That pink… can’t see myself wearing it to take my daughter to Kindy but its still stun. The glitter shade, ‘rich bitch’ is thick af so keep that in mind and don’t go too cray as it did crumble a bit! My favourite shade in The Beauty Killer palette would have to be Courtney, its the perfect transition colour for any look and i sometimes just use that shade on the lid for a more casual look and when i say casual i mean because i slept in and I’m in a rush…

Beauty Killer Swatches From left to right, Expensive, Confession, Vanity, China White, Black Rainbow, Star Power, Princess, Violence, Rich Bitch, Courtney


Androgyny left, Beauty Killer right

The Androgyny palette. What’s not to love really! The shadows are buttery, blend able and so easy to work with! You can create so many different looks with this! Its so hard to pick a favourite in this palette as they are all so nice but Deja Vu is absolutely amazing! The formula for this colour is perfection but Jeffree wouldn’t release anything less.

Andgrogyny Swatches From left to right, Androgyny, Fetish, Military, Poison, Swallow, Frosting, Safe Word, Charm, Deja Vu, Dominatrix


Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye

Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette has a special place in my heart! My fiance actually stalked Sephora like a creep for weeks before deciding on this for me and he picked perfectly! I love this palette and everything about it! The pigment in these colours are INsane so be light handed! They are buildable too, for an everyday look or a dark smokey eye! If i had to pick one eyeshadow palette to use for the rest of my life I’d 100% pick this one! No negatives just love ❤



This palette is so versatile and you can create so many beautiful looks with this. I’ve even used some of the colours to contour my face!

Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Shadow Swatches

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance

Anastastia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. The hype is real!!! For months I was tossing up whether to buy this and not to mention it’s constantly sold out on Sephora. So for my birthday last month, my girlfriends bought me a Sephora voucher and it just so happened to be in stock! I was all up in that! It’s truly beautiful. You could honestly do so many different eye looks with this palette whether it be neutral looks or something a little more out there and glam. The limit does not exist!



Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance


Modern Renaissance Swatches left to right, Realgar, Warm Taupe, Venetian Red, Red Ochre, Primavera, Burnt Orange, Raw Sienna, Cyprus Umber, Love Letter, Antique Bronze, Buon Fresco, Vermeer, Golden Ochre, Tempera

Shout out to my girls Shan, Kristi and Nicole for the pressie ❤

Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette

Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette. I cried ordering this palette and receiving it. The shipping is actually wild! All up with shipping this would have cost almost $100! But was it worth it? Yes, yes it was… it’s stunning. Every single colour in this is just beautiful. Morphe have always had such high quality products but this is just on another level. The mattes blend out effortlessly and the shimmers are so beautiful, whether you’ve used a wet or dry brush! Regardless of the prices, don’t let it scare you! It’s so worth it! Just don’t tell my fiance how much it was hahaha!

Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once again I have no favourites, but I’m so in love with the formula of these colours and the pigmentation is amazing!



Overall, these palettes are stunning and I’m so lucky to have them in my collection. I highly recommend all of them, they’re so versatile with whatever style of eye shadow you are going for! These are just a few of many and I look forward to showing you what else I have!

I hope you enjoyed my first post! Please follow, like or even leave a comment ❤

– Hayley xx



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