Too Faced Products Review

A few weeks ago my mum and step dad rented some boojee place down the beach for a few days. Since my family are so spread apart its the only time we could really meet up and do the Christmas thing! It was so lush! Two story, indoor heated pool, balcony and directly across the road was the beach! My daughters had so much fun! My sister and her friend made lethal cocktails, I layed out in the sun for an hour too long and only my shins got burnt which was fucking weird BUT they also spoilt me with a Mecca bag full of Too Faced heavenly goodness…



Ok so I wasnt all that surprised about getting these considering I wrote them a list of what I wanted but living in a rural area and having family in the city you’d be lying if you said you didn’t do it! Haha!

Too faced Hangover 3-in-1 Spray and face primer cream

Straight off the bat, that cream thoughhhh. Love it! It smells so fruity and tropical but not like over powering and sickly. It feels like a really smooth and light moisturiser and is quite cold which made it feel so nice on my face. Its silicone free too which i love, silicon based products do clog my pores up so if you have the same problem I’d recommend trying this! A little goes a long way too so one pump is all you need. I have been told I have a pin head though so make your own mind up on that hahaha! It does leave your face feeling tacky which for me is ideal and really helps to apply foundation and makes it last longer. After about 6 hours of wear, I didn’t find my face oily and my makeup didn’t seem to have moved. I should of done a before and after shot. Are you guys interested in seeing that? Let me know in the comments section down below ❤




I was very intrigued about the Hangover spray. It claims to be a 3-in-1. A primer spray, a setting spray AND a refreshing spray. I don’t really know what that last one really means but I just took my make up off, toned and then sprayed it on before i went to bed. It did feel refreshing, did I think it did anything? Hmmm no, and when it dried my face went real tight which wasn’t horrible but I’d rather used a moisturiser. Priming my face before applying makeup I actually really enjoyed! My face wasn’t as tacky as I like which I’d get with a cream but it didn’t make my makeup oily, it lasted just as long so i was happy! Now when using it as a setting spray DO NOT do what i did… Press the nozzle down all the way and hard. Otherwise its like someones pissing on your face and you’re left with big drop marks ruining your foundy. Press down hard and all the way really makes it a nice fine mist. Hold it a little further away then usual too becuse alot comes out! What I loved about this as a setting spray is when it dries down you can feel your face tighten and set but its not a heavy feeling. Like back in the day when you use to use hair spray because you didn’t know setting spray existed… or was that just me?

Toofaced Hangover 3-in-1 Spray


The Too faced Hang Over Primer Spray and Primer cream does get the tick of approval from me! I didn’t get any nasty reactions or break outs which is always good but if you do decide to purchase these and your skin doesn’t agree with it don’t keep using it!


Too Faced Born This Way Concealer

The Too Faced Born This Way Concealer which is in the shade light is such a stunning shade on my skin. It perfectly highlighted my under eye and didn’t give me heckaz crows feet and under eye wrinkles so I’m sold!

Too faced Born This Way Concealer

I sometimes find some concealers go really patchy and weird after a few hours of wear but this one didn’t move. It blended out nicely as well and didn’t disrupt my foundation! There are 16 shades available too which is great!


Too faced Born This way concealer in shade Light swatch
Too Faced Born This Way Concealer in shade Light

Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette

I was so excited to try the Cocoa Contour Palette! I’d heard so much good things and they didn’t disappoint. It blends itself, no word of a lie! The palette I have is in medium which is perfect for my complexion!

Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette

It comes with a cool toned contour shade, a bronzer, a matte highlighter and a shimmer highlighter. It also comes with a contour buki brush.

Contour Shades Left to Right, Light Cocoa, Medium Cocoa, Dark Cocoa, Pop of Light

Ok, so before I get into my thoughts on this palette, can we just take a moment to admire the packaging…. its fucking adorable and to top it off, it legit smells like chocolate! I literally want to lick it! When I finish contouring my face I can smell it for ages and then I crave chocolate, blessing but a curse!

Swatches top to bottom, Pop of Light, Medium cocoa, Dark cocoa, Light cocoa

Now there are a few pros and cons on this. I used the palette on my face in the picture below just so you can see how it looks on my skin.

I used Light cocoa under my eyes and forehead to lighten up those areas and it worked really nicely! It didn’t disrupt the concealer under the eye and the colour pay off wasn’t too washed out and white. The shade Dark cocoa is my absolute all time favourite shade for contouring now. It chisels dem cheek bones like nothing I’ve ever used! I used Medium cocoa to bronze up my cheeks and forehead slightly just to darken up those areas. It wasn’t too orange which I was stoked about! Nobody wants that orange head band! I was so happy with how it applied, didn’t turn out muddy what so ever and like i said above, it literally blended itself! The Pop of Light shade which is the highlighter is a bit chalky and was quite light which did disrupt my bronzer. It also had a lot of chunky gold glitter flecks which were distributed onto my cheeks when I used it which I wasn’t a fan of, pretty none the less just not my thing. I really really tried to like the brush but I’m just being real and I didn’t. It was kind of stiff and when i pressed it into the colour pan it really dug into it which caused a lot of fall out. When using it on my face it did not blend evenly. I looked like that Lindsay Lohan court photo, has anyone seen that? Never mind, i made it work…




Overall this is my all time favourite contour palette, seriously, just buy it. This isn’t sponsored, just trying to look after my gals! Price point is reasonable too, I’ll be ringing mumbre (mum) as soon as this runs out to get me another.


Thank you again my loves for following me on this blogging journey! I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am doing it! Stay tuned for plenty more to come, I have so many awesome things coming up in the future! Don’t forget to follow me on instagram @beautifulgossip or my snapchat @hayleylucycally. ❤

Ps, I couldn’t help but leave you with this, see what I mean now? That was me after using that brush, it cant be unseen….


-Hayley xxx

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